Police did this to themselves

BLAME GAME: DEMS DID IT! – http://huff.to/1wSxuSl

I can’t bring myself to sympathize with any New York police officer.  All of you declared war on innocent people.  It’s even more emphasized with the reprehensible comments of the police union leader. 

They actually have a feeling of entitlement to kill innocent people.

As long as they go along with it, remaining silent as their friends assault or murder people in the streets and deleberately violate the constitution every single day as a premeditated standard of practice.

These aren’t police, they’re a gang.

If there are any cops with conscience on the NYPD, here’s what you have to do.  As long as you remain and you stay silent you are complicit, you are accomplices, not cops. 

Those of you that are cops, not gang members in uniform, threaten to resign en masse unless the institutional criminal element is removed from your department, criminal cops are brought to justice and your union leadership is replaced by traditional union leadership and the present racial terrorist elements are removed.

Right now the NYPD is the largest terrorist organization in the US and I’m in favor of disbanding them immediately as a criminal organization and not giving them yet another chance.  It’s been decades of chances, you’re done.


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