Pope Delivers Blistering Christmas Message To Vatican Curia

Pope Delivers Blistering Christmas Message To Vatican Curia – http://huff.to/1wWo2xn

Religions are started by visionaries and ended by pharisees, it is the way of things if nature is allowed to take its course.

That isn’t only a rule of nature, it’s a rule of business.

When any organization starts to become an institution, of necessity it will start to become in part about power and money and it will draw people who are about power and money, especially if it is leaky with poor controls.

Just as if one is incautious about cleaning food crumbs and securing food then the cockroaches and silverfish will come, so it is with organizations.

There are also perils of an overcentralized organization.  This is not a problem unique to religion.  It is a common issue with businesses that go downhill.  Successful businesses often develop a vast head office detached from the real problems of the organization in the field and acting at cross purposes to it.

It could help the spiritual mission to in some ways run the church like an effective business because there are symmetries in the human failings that lead to the failings of the enterprise in both cases.

I’d recommend more progressive business consultants like Tom Peters.  I think probably the first question he’d have is, how many people do priests save with lobster dinners at the Vatican?  He’s been campaigning for reforms in businesses for years to focus on the front lines, customer service and the shop floor, and inspire those people to do their best.


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