The Secret CIA Document That Could Unravel The Case For Torture

The Secret CIA Document That Could Unravel The Case For Torture –

Actually the Panetta report could point in the right direction.  It is good that there was a strong current against torture in the CIA.  The unanimity and unilateral imposition of the torture contractors, the neocon/ Bush admin Dr. Mengala twins, came from above.

The neocons have a different agenda than the CIA, creating perpetual warfare and perpetual threats versus threat elimination.  The CIA drone program was extremely effective for instance, so they got pushed off it.  The CIA initially reported no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, so the Bush admin got the one guy that would tell them whatever they wanted to hear so they could start a war that threatened national security and damaged national interests, while knowing these effects in advance.

The enemy is the NSA and neocon conspiracy.

The CIA fought for freedom and bring down Stalinism,  I doubt they are fond of the neocons KGB experiment, the NSA.

Before we get too wound up about the CIA, most of them hate the bastards that did these things as much as we do, probably more.  Generations of CIA fought to bring this down, not import it.  We could sure use their tradecraft to go after our own bad guys, the neocons, NSA and FBI, which are out of control with criminal elements in key positions.


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