Greenland’s Ice Sheet Shifts Could Speed Melt

Greenland’s Ice Sheet Shifts Could Speed Melt –

The stability of Greenland and Antarctica’s ice sheets has to be studied constantly as a national and international security issue.

The slurry under the surface is particularly concerning as ice can float on water.

Since the last glacial maximum there have been a few events where global sea levels went up a couple of meters in a single event.

One of those at least happened with the North American ice sheet, thought to have happened when a meltwater lake breached the surrounding ice dam in one of two ways, either breaking through, or lifting up the surrounding ice and going under it.

Another concern is that if ice is lifted up it may trundle fater into the ocean.

That needs to be looked at in terms of tsunami potential as well.

A few years ago somebody was studying earthquake type energy releases with unusual signature and over an extended period, and found that the effects of tides on the Antarctic ice sheets were releasing energy like a slow motion 7.0 earthquake twice a day.

So that’s 7.0 twice per day with a nice gentle up and down motion, what happens if an ice area the size of Kansas gets lubricated by meltwater and suddenly breaks free of it’s weakening upper supports and picks up speed and just goes plop into the ocean all in one go, and what kind of tsunami would that produce.


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