Pope Delivers Blistering Christmas Message To Vatican Curia

Pope Delivers Blistering Christmas Message To Vatican Curia – http://huff.to/1wWo2xn

While the general thrust is right, it is important to remember the message with the wedding oil ceremony in the gospels as well.

In those passages, oil is poured over Jesus and he is criticized by Judas as for the price of the oil a lot could be done for the poor.

This shows a very important distinction in his philosophy and exposes an important self contradiction in some of those who think they are following him.

The objective is not to create a religion of bitter people with pinched faces that are filled with self-loathing. 

No greatness of spirit can come to such people.  They will have souls like sour crab apples and make everybody around them as miserable as they are.  That is not the message.

The message is about trying to make people as happy as you are, not as miserable as you are. 

Also, that was a marriage ceremony.  A sacred ceremony.  Abandoning all that is sacred so that the only consideration is economic distribution is also off message.

“Love your neighbor as you love yourself” does not mean loath yourself so you can justify loathing your neighbor.

The flip side that follows is on the contrary, love yourself as you ought to love your neighbor. 

In other words, it’s about balance. 

The curia has fallen into error as it has fallen into purposeless, ostentatious and wanton excess.

It should be clarified though that what is sought is modesty and balance.  They must follow and be seen to follow the values that they preach.  They can have nutritious meals but should have a lifestyle that is not dissonent with the calling they have chosen.


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