The Bad Kind Of Unionism

The Bad Kind Of Unionism –

The problem isn’t unionism per se, it’s more that unions are representative of their members.

People that want to hurt other people are drawn to jobs where they can hurt other people with impunity.  It’s as simple as that.

Then there are people that may not be sadists per se, but who are filled with rage for one reason or another.

Such people can easily go to the dark side as a cop or prison guard because sometimes they do have to be brutal. 

When they deal with the people on the street that are supposed to be their customers, criminals, many of those only understand fear and power.  If the guy they’re dealing with believes for a second a cop will hesitate to drive him face first into the sidewalk, that cop could be dead or on compo.

The reality of their situation is they can’t be genteel.  That serious criminals have hearts of gold or can be rehabilitated is an urban myth / Hollywood myth.

The ideal kind of aggression for an officer is instrumental aggression.  Aggression when necessary as necessary to achieve a goal. Nothing personal, just business. 

Mood aggression or predatory aggression will get the officer acting innappropriately and possibly into trouble.  But these are primarily features of character, everybody has a natural manner of using aggression and that doesn’t change much either situationally or in response to training.

Mood aggressor types tend to resort to violence when impatient and justify resorting to violence as necessary.

I’ve seen it when a security guard at a hospital.  I was good at talking people down.  Other people weren’t. If other guards were around for a patient intervention with somebody a bit aggressive, they’d want the whole team.  I’d say, why not take five minutes and talk to him.  The worse guards would say, there’s no time for that, to which I would say, there’s no time for one guy to talk for five minutes but there’s time enough for five or six guys to use 30-40 minutes each to come from where they were, secure the patient in restraints, then go back to where they were.  It made no sense.  They wanted to go hands on so they could “show” these people, although over half the time it was the fault of a callous nurse needlessly escalating someone before we got there.  I rarely called for backup because I had no confidence in most of the people I worked with. 

Most of those situations are solved with a word.  First thing I would ask the attending nurse is, what’s the guy’s first name.  Start the dialogue with “Hey John, how are you doing” and things tend to go differently.

Psychopaths naturally seek power in every situation, as do other controlling types. 

It gets worse if the pool they are drawing on has a lot more of those than the general population, so police stations and unions are more rancid than leadership elsewhere.

It’s not about some abstract philosophical thing, it’s about who they are and how they got there.

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