Dubious news story of the year

NEWS STORY OF THE YEAR – http://huff.to/1xkKLFr

It’s not a “coming of age” story, it’s a coming of global deception about terrorism to Canada.

Canadians are still far more likely to die from a shark attack, lightning strike, infected cat bite, falling television or skiing accident than by terrorism.

We wouldn’t close our ski slopes for the far greater number of skiing injuries, but we would sacrifice our fundamental liberties because of the endless goverment and media hysteria about terrorism.

Of course terrorism isn’t the target, it never was.  This is solely driven by the desire to give more power to western KGB style entities whose role is to treat citizens that have performed no crime as the enemy.  It is about creating a global police state in the 1984 style and we should fear the worst.  They have put their apparatus in place without immediately obvious function, it can only have a purpose with an overt or covert coup (covert, if used for leverage or tactical advantage in say elections).

This should have been the non story of 2014, a couple of mentally ill losers that real jihadists don’t even know exist, kill soldiers in cowardly attacks.

Instead of saying it like it is, the media instead jump on the Soviet style propaganda bandwagon to promote that we need to make fundamental changes to our society over this non issue.  It was irresponsible journalism.  


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