At least the issue of taking a stand against sexual violence became one of the top issues.

So 20-25% of women are raped at some point in their lives, with many as their first sexual experience and we’re finally starting to not brush that under the rug.

But the real big story is how a couple of losers that jihadists had never heard of committed a couple of murders in a Columbine style flameout but claimed religious motivation.

That’s been promoted because it will promote military boondoggle spending and the advancing of police state powers that right wing nutters have been pining over.

Maybe that should be the real story of the year, how increasingly something is news if it gives a pretext for looting treasuries of nations or transferring ever more power to psychopaths.  It doesn’t matter if the premise is utterly absurd.  Most media aren’t protectors of truth anymore, especially the large organizations are now Pravda style propaganda machines.

So why isn’t the extremely low terrorist death toll from terrorism in Canada proof that we are doing something right?


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