Indonesian plane crash


While pilots don’t really fear lightning, as one pilot was saying on CNN, if everything goes south in the wrong way I’d expect there is still a risk.

Apparently there is more than one type and the type that hits the ground isn’t nearly as powerful as one that happens way high up.

It went off air, off radar apparently from cruising altitude, instantly.

That probably means it either blew up or was taken.  The pilot would pretty much have to deliberately nose dive at full speed immediately after last contact to go into the water in under a minute from 7 miles up.

Nobody is claiming responsibility.

So really, other than an explosion, what takes out a plane so that it is off radar too fast for a pilot to “mayday”. 

So if it’s that, either lightning or mechanical defect leading to explosion are the obvious choices in the absence of an attack.

It would be interesting to know what the primary radar shows.  It’s more flaky and doesn’t have the same range.

A more disturbing possibility if the guys that got away with the Malaysia 370 hijacking clean, got greedy. 


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