REPORT: Pope To Go Big On Climate Change

REPORT: Pope To Go Big On Climate Change –

Not just climate change apparently but environmental issues and connected social issues.

The closest the religious folks will get to their beast of Revelations is the military/industrial/spying/media/finance/energy/political/god knows what else complex of people pulling in mostly the same direction to wreck the world on as many levels as they can get away with.

That mostly corporate beast is getting so arrogant that it would use the military and intelligence of western countries to not allow any country or government to stand against it.

The politicians of most countries have no interest in serving their country, whoever we elect.  Our secular protections are an abject failure.

So to tell almost the only guy with any power that is willing to stand up to the menace that it isn’t his place, well, if religion doesn’t stand up to institutionalized evil, what’s it there for.


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