Man Says Cheating Wife Shot Him In The Head To Avoid Messy Divorce

Man Says Cheating Wife Shot Him In The Head To Avoid Messy Divorce –

Surprised it took them this long to charge, the wife’s story that some intruder somehow got in without breaking anything, turned off their alarm, got out one of the Derringers and shot the husband with it, then left without taking anything, is just wildly implausible.

Then asking if the police have a warrant when they come to check the scene.

Sounds like the only way she didn’t pull the trigger is if she opened the door for the lover.

A random intruder knowing the alarm code and where the guns were and the ammo?

Somebody serious would have brought his own gun and taken it with him rather than use something with slightly more oomph than a BB gun, even if he knew the Derringer was there.

Probably the wife and lover if he was involved figured if they bought a serious gun it would be looked at later with screening or if they went to a gun show for an unscreened buy they might not foresee all the ways it could get figured out.  Also they might not have known how underpowered a Derringer is.

A ballistics match shouldn’t be that big a deal here, one of the guns was recently fired, unusual gun and bullet type.


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