This Tech Billionaire Wants To Save San Francisco

This Tech Billionaire Wants To Save San Francisco –

I like this guy.

I’d vary his program a bit though.

One of the things mentioned is helping people get into social housing, but the potential difficulty with that is if you add more money to a system without adding more product you can get inflation.

So if he’s not doing this already, one of the biggest contributions an entrepreneur can make right now is to viciously undercut the west coast housing markets by building as cheaply as possible with a view to minimizing long term maintenance and then operate at cost.

In addition to tech types there are a lot of asian buyers boosting up the market at the higher end and tending to pull up other prices to a lesser degree indirectly.

Businessmen are probably better suited to do this than the government.  I’m talking about something being run like a business, but on a non-profit, non-loss basis so as to maximize impact.  Subsidized housing would be self limiting, you reach the limit of what you’re prepared to do but the growth just keeps going.  So a strategy that can keep going as well is important.

Not sure what the fuss is about Google shuttle busses.  Sounds environmentally friendly to me.  If they were all driving cars congestion would be worse.  Sounds like outrage for the sake of outrage.

The right wing is always harping about how private charity can take the place of social programs as a justification for tax breaks to the rich.

Of course that’s nonsense, but as long as the tax breaks remain, somebody needs to call them on it, as well as snapping people out of their isolated ruts where when they hear about social problems they think, it’s not my problem, somebody else will take care of it. 


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