‘Annie’ Target Ads Criticized For Using White Models

‘Annie’ Target Ads Criticized For Using White Models – http://huff.to/1xeER6K

Well that was more shrill than a dog whistle.

Companies that are allowed to use a licence to associate with a movie frequently don’t use the stars as models and frequently sell products that don’t have the faintest connection to the movie.

Would the star rather be on her next movie set or doing a photo shoot for discount clothing.  Tough call.  To make it happen would probably cost an absurd amount of money too, an implied endorsement probably would include sharing revenue.

The original story is about a natural red head, and those have the lightest skins.  So do you go with the story, the original movie or the new movie.

Then there’s the issue of whether it is licensed, “Annie” isn’t like “Battlestar Galactica”, it’s a name and nobody can copyright it.  They can walk a line where they create a mental association without actually implying a connection but they have to tread carefully to avoid a lawsuit and some deliberate dissimilar features in the campaign can help with that.

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