Racists Melt Down Over Steve Scalise

Racists Melt Down Over Steve Scalise – http://huff.to/1tly7yI

Keep em talking so everybody can see what the Republican party is really about.  It’s the party of hate towards women, other races, other religions and damn near everything.

On the point about whites being a majority of voters, that raises a related issue for Democrats, women are the majority of voters.

If women decided to collectively flex their muscle and start voting against a Republican party that opposes women’s equality and wants to force them to be baby factories.

The latter issue is in the context that with global pollution and competition for resources, the greatest contribution anybody can make isn’t getting a Prius or solar panels, it’s aborting every unwanted pregnancy. 

Abort a fetus and you are aborting everything it will ever use or need.  We need population under control and to the extent we don’t do it voluntarily it will happen involuntarily, either by human action or by nature.


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