Scientists Ask If Ebola Could Be Silently Immunizing Some People While Killing Others

Scientists Ask If Ebola Could Be Silently Immunizing Some People While Killing Others –

Actually it raises another issue, because those who don’t catch it while developing antibodies don’t seem to be affected at all.

It’s a really binary thing, no reaction or critical illness.  It’s not a continuum.

That suggests a knockout, something you either have or don’t.

Two areas that jump to mind, genetics, a defence like the sickle cell gene against malaria, or an exposure to a chemically similar illness, such as how cow pox gives immunity to smallpox.  Something where you hav it or you don’t. 

Whatever that is, it isn’t magic, it has a physical basis. 

I’d start by getting DNA tests and complete medical histories for those who have antibodies but never developed symptoms.

The answer is there somewhere.


If E.T. Comes Calling

If E.T. Comes Calling –

The biggest immediate issue is quarantine, for mutual protection.

The end for “War of the Worlds” doesn’t require hostility, bacteria have their own agenda.

One or both sides could be defenseless and there would be no way to know in advance.

Viruses wouldn’t be a problem as they are genetic exploits and the odds of having similar DNA to any ET are vanishingly small.

But bacteria could be nasty, and there might be unknown parasitic forms that would be even worse that we’d have no natural defense to.

REPORT: CIA, Mossad Killed Senior Hezbollah Figure In Car Bombing

REPORT: CIA, Mossad Killed Senior Hezbollah Figure In Car Bombing –

That’s how intelligence is supposed to work, separated from the world of the rest of us. 

When those two worlds and the rules for them overlap it damages both, the compromises result in doing everything badly. Civil liberties get hammered while intelligence agencies get neutered.  You get thought police who spend most of their time monitoring civilians and citizens but aren’t very effective at catching bad guys.

Last Person To See Slain Argentinian Prosecutor Alive Speaks Out

Last Person To See Slain Argentinian Prosecutor Alive Speaks Out –

Question is, who knew about the gun.

The opportunity to stage a suicide that way arose when the gun came in, so who knew about it.  Did the guards see it.  Did someone suggest he get a gun with that outcome in mind. 

If the gun wasn’t shown prior to entry that raises other questions, such as whether someone had visual or audio surveillance of the rooms to know the gun was there.

The killer likely knew the gun was there before entry, a pro isn’t going to do something that risky and just wing it unless he’s got no other choice.

President Calls For Dissolution Of Argentina’s Intelligence Services

President Calls For Dissolution Of Argentina’s Intelligence Services –

Looks to me like lots of misdirection from all sides.

Iran doesn’t make sense as a culprit.  It’s hard to get further from Iran.

Key question, what is special about that building, as the choice of target seems odd for almost anybody.

Apparent answer, there was a project in the building tracking the movements of Nazi war criminals.  There is huge potential motive and the only known thing that would make that specific building a target.

When Germany fell at the end of WW2, the Nazis still had a lot of juice with sympathetic right wing elements in the west and used their connections to get out and resettle, often in South America, probably with the knowledge and complicity of the then governments.

The investigation probably didn’t get a lot of traction while South America was dominated by right wing dictators and juntas but a shift to elected populist governments could have been an opportunity to ferret out the remaining Nazis before they died of old age.

Then the building the investigation was run from blew up.

Profile the target and it isn’t Iran that springs to mind.

The list of suspects is a little long though, not just Nazis.  The assistance to Nazis to escape to South America was a potentially huge embarassment to a lot of people and agencies.

Bill Nye: Belichick’s ‘Deflategate’ Excuse Doesn’t Make Any Sense

Bill Nye: Belichick’s ‘Deflategate’ Excuse Doesn’t Make Any Sense –

Well, here are the options, intentional or not.

The refs measure before the balls go on the field, and any tampering on field has a good chance of being spotted, so that’s unlikely.

So they either did a switch after the measurements but before the field, if that’s even possible, or there is a slow leak, which may or may not be deliberate, or for some reason the gas contracted more than expected for whatever reason.

If there was a slow leak that can be discovered easily by water immersion, so it ought to have been found by now.

Ball switch would probably be risky.  That would tempt fate.

So I think Nye is going at it from the wrong direction.

The way I’d frame the question would be, how would one get a ball to contract more than expected without altering it after inspection.

He’s just writing it off, which is hazardous, as it assumes normal composition.

There probably is some way through chemistry.

The first thing I’d look at is what happens if the air is saturated with water vapor.  What happens if it condenses.  The pressure equations assume gas stays gas.

“Deflated Footballs: Mother Nature Didn’t Do It”

Deflated Footballs: Mother Nature Didn’t Do It –

Well, nature has more tricks than that. For instance a slow leak, which can have all kinds of reasons including wear and tear.

Also, what happens if water vapor condenses in the football.  Don’t tell me that works exactly the same as if it were still a gas.

Let’s say the team has a hot shower before the game and the balls are filled nearby.  Higher temperature and saturated air, it will start condensing as soon as it cools and it will cool further.

Then if at any time while transported the balls were under pressure if stored improperly that could weaken them.

Assuming they didn’t do anything on the field (which would be dumb and sure to be caught by camera), whatever happened, intentional or not, has to do with either the ball, or the air inside, or both.  That’s the options.

You want to check the ball for leaks, you put it under water.  Even a slow leak will bubble eventually.

If there is no leak, it’s hard to see how it’s the ball.  I’ll leave open the possibility that somebody found an ingenius way to reduce pressure by something physical without a slow leak (maybe a leak only triggered by a hard hit?), but that sounds like a reach.

So if the ball doesn’t leak and wasn’t tampered with on field, that leaves something to do with the air inside it.