Spiral galaxies

The (Not So) Curious Case of Galaxy IC 335 – http://huff.to/1tmaHcN

In noticed in the above article that spiral galaxies are thought to form from collisions that aren’t dead on.

I could see that for a two arm spiral, but for three galaxies of about the same size to hit about simultaneously at about the same angle doesn’t sound very probable. 

If that were the source i’d expect almost no three arm spiral galaxies.

More likely it’s something akin to the underlying math behind stream number theory, order appearing to come out of chaos.

With stream numbers, a stream starts it is level 1, when it blends it is at least level 2, if two level 2 streams meet they make a level 3, etc.

There are characteristic ratios in the resulting lengths of different numbers.

If as a thought experiment you have a bunch of streams headed down in parallel one unit apart with an equal chance that they go left, right or continue down at the end of each unit of movement, and allow them to blend and carry on as one, you get the same ratios.

Sometimes the organizing principle is chaos, the averaging out of things going randomly this way or that creates a pattern.

The same could be true of how say galaxies form, naturally creating areas of greater and lower density as a result of randomness, rather than as a result of some event.


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