AirAsia Was Not Authorized To Fly Route On Day Of Crash

AirAsia Was Not Authorized To Fly Route On Day Of Crash –

What was that, some religious thing?

More of interest is the steep climb said to happen shortly before the crash.

If there already was an airspeed issue that could create a stall, and then there’s a question of why or whether a pilot would execute that climb against tower orders, especially such an experienced pilot.

Some planes now have a proximity alert that may automatically cause a climb if a possible collision is detected, so one thing is to check radar and see if there was a hazard from another flight.

A related concern, is it possible for nature to “spoof” the radar to create the illusion of an imminent collision so as to trigger such a reaction.

It gets more complicated if the location is within range of secondary radar by transponder but not for primary radar, if say there were a plane without active transponder in the area.

Sounds like the event wasn’t as sudden as initially depicted, although that still leaves the question why there was no mayday.

If there was a proximity issue, is anybody else missing a plane?


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