Having a Severe Mental Illness Means Dying Young

Having a Severe Mental Illness Means Dying Young – http://huff.to/1tg7ZWa

One of the culprits is smoking, but I suspect that isn’t just for the expected reason.

When people get admitted to emergency for psychiatric reasons, often they are going psychotic in part due to lack of sleep.  After a few days rest many are ready for release.

Anybody can go psychotic from lack of sleep, and that can also lead to depression and other problems.

Nicotene affects sleep cycles to the point where it can be used to treat jet lag.  But the same effect can disrupt normal cycles.

People with disrupted sleep cycles are more likely to have mental problems.

Nicotene isn’t the only culprit there, city noise and bright lights at night can be severely disruptive.

Poor sleep affects longevity, the most extreme case being Michael Jackson.

Trating a sleep imbalance like a chemical imbalance may mask symptoms to a degree but isn’t a very good solution.


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