ET chemistry

New Clue In Search For Life On Mars –

Methane is practically useless for detection of life because the universe is saturated in it, the vast majority of which has nothing to do with life.  It’s one of the simplest compounds.

What we should be looking for is for any compounds or elements that are more specific.

Carbon and Hydrogen are practically useless for distinctions because they are the fourth and first most common elements in the universe and present on or in most or all planets and stars as well as most moons and some comets.

So moving right along, what would create a distinction.

At the most basic I’d suggest seeing if there is a manageable way to look for what is essential to DNA and anything else common in all life that is less common in the universe.

Say, phosphorous, essential to DNA but the least common of those elements .

That may be unworkable but finding one of the most common compounds in the universe on Mars is hardly enough to crack open the champagne.


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