His First Day Out Of Jail After 40 Years

His First Day Out Of Jail After 40 Years – http://huff.to/1HoJzSG

The “parole paradox” has to be ended.  It’s unjust, especially given how often people are convicted on flimsy evidence, to force people that are probably innocent and always were to “admit” guilt in order to get parole, while putting people that should never see the light of day back on the street if they do admit guilt.

It’s a way of insulating the system from feedback and correction that serves no social or rehabilatative function, entirely counterproductive.

The tan jacket issue is a typical issue for mistaken identity.  How it usually goes is the police grab the first black guy in a tan jacket they see, imply to the witness of victim that it is the guy in some way (in a notorious case from Vancouver, Canada, the accused was the guy in the lineup that police were holding in a headlock, although the tainting is usually more subtle).

The witness assumes the police must know something so even if he’s not really sure, he picks the guy indicated.

Then a funny thing happens.  Over time the memories of witnesses become less accurate but their confidence in their evidence grows at an even greater rate so “maybe” becomes certainty by time of trial.

That probably has to do with cognitive dissonance and other things.

Also the rate of wrongful ID is greater when the witness and accused are different races.  That is independent of racial bias, it has to do with having actual trouble distinguishing people on facial structure.


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