Feds Seek Felony Charges For Petraeus

Feds Seek Felony Charges For Petraeus – http://huff.to/1I4meGc

In other news, another headline is about another potential Republican but independent minded guy, Christie. 

As somebody on the other end of the spectrum I don’t see witch hunts against the best candidates, which I think are driven by other Republican interests, to be desireable. 

Eventually there will be another Republican president and since Eisenhower the only one that wasn’t a total screw up was Bush senior.

My favorite right winger is W.A.C. Bennett, very independent minded and pragmatic, who wouldn’t hesitate to depart from the right wing playbook if it was in the public interest.

Decades later socialists were defending institutions he put in place while the new right wing tried to dismantle them.

The US is still in rough shape, one more schmuck as president may finish it.  We need the very best from both sides, people the establishment won’t like.


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