Feds Seek Felony Charges For Petraeus

Feds Seek Felony Charges For Petraeus – http://huff.to/1I4meGc

There’s so much wrong with this, where to begin.

The whole thing started as an extraordinarily illegal series of searches, probably done as an attempt to gain leverage over a director of the CIA as blackmail, but even the surface explanation that it was an extraordinarily illegal search done by an infatuated FBI agent to impress and proect the dubious operations of his scam artist married girlfriend, how can a judge not toss every single thing as fruit of the poison tree.

It’s the FBI that should be under investigation here, mounting illegal surveillance without the color of right and using that for personal ends, means those that did it, did it as private individuals, not in their capacity of police, and each FBI agent involved should be facing what anybody else would be for illegal surveillance of a CIA director, decadess in prison.

That’s a missed opportunity, because it is an obvious blackmail scam, it’s an opportunity to crush some of the criminal elements in the FBI, Republican Party and elsewhere.

Petraeus was just about to crush the Benghazi commision with his testimony when this scandal was used to take him out.  That is not an accident, they’d known about the affair for months prior.

Probably if he begged to keep his job he was going to be told what to testify, but he resigned instead.

The FBI and Republicans have been engaging in joint illegal dirty tricks at least since Nixon.

A rare Republican with honor and distinction was going to expose Issa’s fraud on the American people for what it was, so he was taken out of play.

As forthe main charges now, military, police and intelligence organizations do this all the time, give privileged information and access in return for a warm and fuzzy puff piece that furthers the ends of their organization.

They avoid problems by having the lawyers and spooks review before publication. 

So now after decades of that practice they’re going after one guy.  Looks fishy.  I’d be investigating everybody involved in the investigation using outside people.


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