Mitt Romney Considering Another Run For President

Mitt Romney Considering Another Run For President –

The right move for Rand Paul is another senate run and to look for a chance to be kingmaker.

Because of Kentucky election laws he might not be able to run for both and he won’t be the nominee so he’ll just cripple his future if he runs now.

On the other hand if he let’s it be known his support can be had, he might be able to pull people to more libertarian positions.

Romney probably has too much baggage but I can see with a weak field it would be tempting.

The democrats so far have a weak field too.  Clinton will deter other quality candidates but would sell her soul for power and has repeatedly done so.  She’s despised by true liberals.

So that will increase Republican interest too, the likely Democrat nominee has maybe a 10% chance of winning the general election. 

That opens the door to another Obama style candidate though.  Become the un-Hillary and sail through with little opposition.


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