Vivica A. Fox Speaks Out On Bill Cosby Allegations

Vivica A. Fox Speaks Out On Bill Cosby Allegations –

Some times bad guys use camoflage.

And it works.

In another context, look at Bernie Madoff.  Stories had been going around for years about him too, about how the numbers didn’t make any sense.

But nobody wanted to believe, he was a pillar of society, supporter of various charities, a standup guy.

Predatory aggression is different than other aggression.  In other aggression it is important that it be seen, to intimidate or get somebody to back down.

With predatory aggression it’s the other way, doing nothing to put a target on notice until it’s too late.   Like a lion sneaking up on a gazelle, that potential targets don’t see a threat is part of the game plan.

Also, something that men are more aware of I think than women, guys that are smiling and joking too much are often off, a lot of times they’re missing something.  Maybe it’s that they don’t feel the same pressures because they don’t feel anything.  But in any case, remember that somebody that doesn’t take anything seriously doesn’t take you seriously.


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