Earth May Soon Be Inhospitable For Life Thanks To Humans

Earth May Soon Be Inhospitable For Life Thanks To Humans –

It’s good to see this.  As an environmentalist I’m really annoyed by the usual focus on global warming and sea level rise.

Sure global warming and sea level rise are an issue, and a far greater issue than depicted.  The projections are ridiculously conservative and we keep blowing through markers decades in advance.

That’s because the rate of change is accelerating, not linear, and the rate of acceleration is itself accelerating.

That said, it’s just a really expensive nuisance.

Probably the reason we hear about it so much is climate changes will be rough on insurers and it’s going to wreck a trillion dollars or so worth of waterfront property in the US alone.

It affects rich people and rich corporations, that’s why half the establishment is actually on board.   But so far the cost of doing anything about it is higher than the projected future losses.

But again it’s more a nuisance than anything.  We are in a relatively cold, low carbon dioxide part of the planet’s history. 

They aren’t even getting to the biggest risk, catestrophic ice sheet failure.  That happenned three times in the past 15000 years causing abrupt sea level changes in the range of 6 to 15 feet.

The flood of ancient Sumer, about 7 cubits deep, was one of those events.  They were on a flood plain and didn’t have skyscrapers so it covered everything the eye could see.  It got jazzed up a bit in the re-telling and taken out of context to make the biblical flood.  But the original story is supported by the geological record.

That was without man made climate change accelerating things, and when ice sheets were bigger.

Still, our worst case scenario there isn’t four feet sea rise in a century, it’s 2 meters in a single event.

But that’s still just a nuisance.

It’s not one of the top ten environmental threats, probably not one of the top 25. 


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