Deflategate: NFL Reportedly Finds Patriots Used Bum Footballs

Deflategate: NFL Reportedly Finds Patriots Used Bum Footballs –

The rules for using your own footballs on offense lend themselves to tampering.  If everybody uses the same ones there’s no imbalance.

The NFL is rich, what are they doing chiseling away the cost of 12 footballs per side per game?  If it’s a big deal just have it covered with a levy. 

The refs should bring them in, the refs should test them.  In terms of protecting the game it’s obvious.

That said there may be an issue with enforcement now.

The pressure of a gas depends on the temperature. 

Inflate a warm football with warm air and it might be in range.  Then take it out in the cold and the pressure will go down.

So unless the difference is greater than can be accounted for by temperature it may be hard to prove intentionality.  Which is another reason to not have teams do it, problems of proof.

Also if a team has control they have an incentive to inflate to the minimum pressure within the range.

The wording of the rule may be important.  Inflating to the minimum, knowing pressure will go down further out in the cold, may be fully compliant, leaving a loophole.

Even if the refs measure to confirm, the cooling won’t be immediate.  To be sure they have to measure at game temperature.


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