Argentine government murders prosecutor

“BOMBSHELL: Dead Prosecutor Showed Argentina Secretly Tried To Shield Iran “-

Argentina is so utterly untrustworthy.  Sounds more like blackmail.

The FBI agent helping the investigation of the bombing found the claims of an Iran link speculative.

So when something speculative is portrayed as definitive that’s politically driven.

Wasn’t there some US puppet dictator running Argentina at the time?  The junta was butchering thousands of people all the time.  If US interests requested a Jewish site be bombed and it pinned on Iran, to advance US foreign policy and militarism, the junta wouldn’t have even blinked. 

That is the most likely explanation.  No value to Iran, but those US interests had to find a government corrupt enough to bomb their own people so it was in an irrelevant country.

Remember the frivolous ongoing “dispute” over the Falklands.  The Argentine government have been whacko scum for decades.  No principles, just sleaze and hustle. 

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