It’s potentially an accident because they get measured by the refs inside, then get taken into the cold, but there are a lot of ways that would be hard to catch.

One is to fill the balls in a hot room, so they’ll go down more in the cold.

Another might be to use different air composition.  Say, with high water vapor.  The dew point falls rapidly with decreased temperature, and when it condenses the pressure should go down.

So inflating the balls in the sauna or hot tub rooms maybe. 

Hypodermic needles would be another option but that’s easier to discover because if held underwater the slow leak will bubble, and over time they might weaken and leak too fast (wonder if that’s what happened).

Still hard to prove that it’s not a natural leak, unless they all leak in the same spot.

There are probably more ways.  The league created this by skimping on balls instead of providing all of them.  Somebody will exploit this some time.  Seriously people, the league is worth billions, what’s a few balls.


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