Bill Nye: Belichick’s ‘Deflategate’ Excuse Doesn’t Make Any Sense

Bill Nye: Belichick’s ‘Deflategate’ Excuse Doesn’t Make Any Sense –

Well, here are the options, intentional or not.

The refs measure before the balls go on the field, and any tampering on field has a good chance of being spotted, so that’s unlikely.

So they either did a switch after the measurements but before the field, if that’s even possible, or there is a slow leak, which may or may not be deliberate, or for some reason the gas contracted more than expected for whatever reason.

If there was a slow leak that can be discovered easily by water immersion, so it ought to have been found by now.

Ball switch would probably be risky.  That would tempt fate.

So I think Nye is going at it from the wrong direction.

The way I’d frame the question would be, how would one get a ball to contract more than expected without altering it after inspection.

He’s just writing it off, which is hazardous, as it assumes normal composition.

There probably is some way through chemistry.

The first thing I’d look at is what happens if the air is saturated with water vapor.  What happens if it condenses.  The pressure equations assume gas stays gas.


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