“Deflated Footballs: Mother Nature Didn’t Do It”

Deflated Footballs: Mother Nature Didn’t Do It – http://huff.to/15HRE7L

Well, nature has more tricks than that. For instance a slow leak, which can have all kinds of reasons including wear and tear.

Also, what happens if water vapor condenses in the football.  Don’t tell me that works exactly the same as if it were still a gas.

Let’s say the team has a hot shower before the game and the balls are filled nearby.  Higher temperature and saturated air, it will start condensing as soon as it cools and it will cool further.

Then if at any time while transported the balls were under pressure if stored improperly that could weaken them.

Assuming they didn’t do anything on the field (which would be dumb and sure to be caught by camera), whatever happened, intentional or not, has to do with either the ball, or the air inside, or both.  That’s the options.

You want to check the ball for leaks, you put it under water.  Even a slow leak will bubble eventually.

If there is no leak, it’s hard to see how it’s the ball.  I’ll leave open the possibility that somebody found an ingenius way to reduce pressure by something physical without a slow leak (maybe a leak only triggered by a hard hit?), but that sounds like a reach.

So if the ball doesn’t leak and wasn’t tampered with on field, that leaves something to do with the air inside it.


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