President Calls For Dissolution Of Argentina’s Intelligence Services

President Calls For Dissolution Of Argentina’s Intelligence Services –

Looks to me like lots of misdirection from all sides.

Iran doesn’t make sense as a culprit.  It’s hard to get further from Iran.

Key question, what is special about that building, as the choice of target seems odd for almost anybody.

Apparent answer, there was a project in the building tracking the movements of Nazi war criminals.  There is huge potential motive and the only known thing that would make that specific building a target.

When Germany fell at the end of WW2, the Nazis still had a lot of juice with sympathetic right wing elements in the west and used their connections to get out and resettle, often in South America, probably with the knowledge and complicity of the then governments.

The investigation probably didn’t get a lot of traction while South America was dominated by right wing dictators and juntas but a shift to elected populist governments could have been an opportunity to ferret out the remaining Nazis before they died of old age.

Then the building the investigation was run from blew up.

Profile the target and it isn’t Iran that springs to mind.

The list of suspects is a little long though, not just Nazis.  The assistance to Nazis to escape to South America was a potentially huge embarassment to a lot of people and agencies.


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