A New Primitive Human Species?

A New Primitive Human Species? – http://huff.to/1BNwIqL

Some people get wisdom teeth, some don’t.

Differences in teeth are an awfully thin premise to propose a different species.

It can easily be some random local mutations as well.

I had no adult incisors and they’d been shrinking for at least two generations prior in the direct female line of ancestory.

That’s not all, my canines came down where the incisors were supposed to be.

So I went for years with two sets of canines. There was nothing to displace the baby canines.

Don’t know what that’s about, normally that kind of thing dilutes genetically.  What might make it stronger with time, frayed telomeres maybe.  And then there’s the added effect that the adult canines, and only those, moved over one slot.

Then there are wisdom teeth, I only had three.  That seems to be a wide issue and if people get the genes for the extra teeth without the genes for the longer jaw it can be a bit of a mess.

I think teeth are one of the things that can change most rapidly, it hardly takes a new species.


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