Apologists forMarissa Alexander

“Marissa Alexander, The One Who Lived” – http://huff.to/1x6ZTQf

That’s the woman that got a restraining order without notice when separating from her husband and leaving the home that he owned and lived in with two children by a prior marriage.

A few days later she snuck in to his home when he wasn’t around.  She hasn’t given a satisfactory explanation for why she was there sneaking around.

When he came home unexpectedly she left, went to her car, and got a gun, and went back in.  Then she fired a shot in the direction of the man and his children. 

It isn’t even arguable that it was self defence.

The claim it was a warning shot was incoherent.  She had no reason to be there.  She had no reason to re-enter. 

A shot warning of what?  She was the aggressor on any reading of the evidence.

When it went to a jury trial the first time, all of her excuses were rejected by the jury.

It’s like the Jodi Arias sympathizers or there was another famous case where a woman drove many miles to shoot her ex for leaving her for another woman, and in so doing became a folk hero for confused people.

Not all women are innocent.  


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