6 Anti-Vaccination Arguments That Need To Be Shut Down

6 Anti-Vaccination Arguments That Need To Be Shut Down – http://huff.to/1xpSagt

Frustrating article because it almost got it right.

Studies on flu vaccines show that after shots there tends to be reduced resistance to other strains that aren’t vaccinated against.

That is, vaccines do cause the body to prioritize and do compete for resources.

So the claim that the body can’t be overloaded in response to many vaccines at once is dubious.

It’s also irrelevant since staggerring vaccines doesn’t require omitting them.

When debating conspiracy theorist types it is important to be exactly right.

That is particularly true when the underlying issue has something to it.

Scientists reassured us that tobacco, asbestos, Thalidomide, Vioxx and other things were perfectly safe.

The public has grown used to scientists making the same bland, reassuring, facile, meaningless, disingenuous and often dishonest statements about every product, including the ones that turn out later to be epic disasters.

They always sound the same whether they’re telling the truth or not, which includes cases where they are more lucky than right, so the public often doesn’t trust any of them.

Glossing over anything does more harm than good.¬† It sends the message that, even if not deliberately dishonest, the dots aren’t connected.

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