Israel’s Own Consuls Warn Of ‘Widespread Dissatisfaction’ Over Netanyahu Speech

“Israel’s Own Consuls Warn Of ‘Widespread Dissatisfaction’ Over Bibi Speech” –

Quit calling that evil man by the affectionate nickname of Bibi.

He’s scum even by Likud standards, the only thing good to be said about him is that maybe his pathological lies and overreach will someday bring down his party, and then one of the top five risks of WW3 will be gone, if they haven’t gotten the world blown up in the meantime.

He is, as Mossad has noticed, acting against Isreal’s interests.

And he and Likud always will. 

When Isreal is safe and secure, if that ever happens, there is no Likud.  It’s a party of war and hate.  They have nothing to offer in a time of peace and security.  So they put party ahead of country.

Peace also threatens their platform of pursuing the “Greater Isreal” offered in Genesis, a vastly larger territory including at least everything from the Euphrates to the Nile.

Under Likud, Isreal is the west’s version of North Korea, a destabilizing bizzaro state.

Which isn’t to criticize the the recent war on Hamas.  Critics have to stay on point and not drift into criticizing everything Isreal does, that just muddies the waters.  Attack that which is indefensible, such as the settlements in Palestinian territory that are one of the components of genocide.

The Likud policy of pursuing the “Greater Isreal” implies extensive planned genocide to come, it’s inconsistent with anything else, and we need to draw the line at zero on that.

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