Man Imprisoned For Murder Was Hundreds Of Miles Away From Crime Scene

Man Imprisoned For Murder Was Hundreds Of Miles Away From Crime Scene –

Improper lineups are a robust source of wrongful arrests and convictions.  The traditional lineups should be outlawed in favor of the process advised by experts, a sequential lineup.

With all at once it becomes a multiple choice question, which is a disaster waiting to happen if nobody in the lineup is guilty.

I suggest a further refinement, vary the number of pictures in a sequential lineup and have a variable number of blanks at the end to reduce the risk of pressure at the end to pick someone, leading to a mistake.

I’d also suggest creating a formal middle option where after, the witness can pick whomever seems most likely if unsure, for purposes of search warrants, if the target was in the lineup as a person of interest, but that would be inadmissible for proving the element of identity at trial and insufficient to arrest or hold.

Also strict immunity for prosecutors needs to be removed.

Wrongful imprisonment as between state and the individual needs to become an absolute liability tort to which due diligence is irrelevant as a defence.  That’ll make them get their ducks in a row.


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