Probe Of Argentine President’s Role In Terror Cover-Up Re-Opened

Probe Of Argentine President’s Role In Terror Cover-Up Re-Opened –

Right wingers and nuts dominate Argentina politics.

Take the improbable allegation that Iran tried to blow up a Jewish centre about as far from Iran as it’s possible to get.

Here the fight is between those who are backing the interests of US extremists who will do anything to put Iran in a bad light, and those who would exploit the improbable allegations to extort Iran into giving economic concessions.

Neither the side of the dead prosecutor nor the side of the government has any interest in bringing out the truth.  On the contrary the truth would defeat both agendas.

There was a prior inquiry about the bombing, charges were made, and they were dismissed.

In a civilized country, that’s it.  All countries following the English system should recognize the dismissals as res judicata, final. 
People should not have to face the same wild allegations over and over and over. Protection from double jeopardy is one of the most fundamental human rights.

They couldn’t even make a claim stick with defendants in absentia?  Weak. 

The focus of the murdered prosecutor on the coverup rather than the weak case is smoke and mirrors, dishonesty to imply that if somebody will take pains to cover up a claim it must be true.  It’s an age old trick by dishonest prosecutors the world over, if the whole case is B.S., introduce highly prejudicial, inflammatory evidence and innuendo.


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