This Is Why It Matters That The Oscars Are So White

This Is Why It Matters That The Oscars Are So White –

Actually, why does it matter.  The Grammies are often disproportionately black, so’s basketball. 

It’s a business and if actors are disproportionately white that’s what the market is paying for. 

If black dollars are spent more on hip hop artists than black movies you’ll see more success in the music business than in theatre.
Apart from the race issue the choices are usually arbitrary.  Nominations and awards rarely go to the best.  Sometimes the winner has a dreadful performance but gets the award for sentimental reasons.  Not infrequently it’s a movie that is little more than an unsophisticated emotional manipulation that scoops most of the awards. 
It’s all bs, politics and hypocracy.  An exercise in navel gazing self congratulation by people convinced of their own virtue, while peddling cigarettes, vigillante justice with guns and the pursuit of non-trafficked, happy prostitutes with hearts of gold as the greatest human aspirations.


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