Marco Rubio, what a coward

“What Marco Rubio’s Learned About Immigration” –

He let tea party jihadists bury his signature legislation, and as soon as he discovered how strongly the whacko faction was against it, he flipped and became the most vocal critic of what had been his own policy.

What a coward.  Unfit to be President if he’s thinking about that, unfit for a senate post.  He’s a gutless wonder. 

If he’d stuck to his guns with a fiery denounciation of the racism in his party he had a real shot, and if the bill pushed through with him rallying the votes he could have gotten over half the Hispanic/Latino vote in 2016 if he did run for president.

The Hispanic/Latino version of an Uncle Tom, he’ll throw his own people under a bus even though it hurts his own long term interests, so the ideologues in his party will give him a pat on the head.  But he can’t earn their respect, their racism won’t allow it.  It isn’t even strategy, just cowardice.


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