Roads to acceptance

“The Gay Best Friend Must Die” –

Between the phases of overt bigotry and full normalization there are other phases that marginalized groups go through.

Blacks and jews have the same kind of experience with similar cliches.  They cringe too when they here something like “some of my best friends are black/jewish”.

There’s also an “uncle Tom” aspect to it, the non-threatening, otherwise conforming personality that is somehow one of us rather than one of them.

It tends to be a more subtle, even unconscious form of bigotry, but it’s more subversive than insidious form because it paves the way for more, it is part of a transition.

It’s cognitive dissonance, if you can get any concession it makes further concessions easier, a good form of the “slippery slope”.

So roll your eyes at it but recognize that phase with blacks led in time to a black president, be patient and it can in time lead to a gay president.  Cultural evolution is a slow process, it takes decades.


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