Hysteria on Tamir Rice isn’t helpful

City Of Cleveland Blames Tamir Rice For His Own Death, Then Apologizes – http://huff.to/1AxOPgs

They sure turned me against them fast.

Trial through media is despicable and a greater threat to society than police shootings.

In all personal injury type litigation you see the same thing for defendants and that is so they are entitled to pursue every avenue in defence, if they don’t plead it they might not be able to go back on that decision later.

And age has nothing to do with it.  Whatever the child was doing with the pellet gun was alarming  enough for someone to call it in and for an officer to shoot quickly.

Also, a pellet gun is less hazardous than one with bullets but it is a hazard.

Something missing from the discourse is, what kind of an idiot let’s an 11 year old go around with a pellet gun? 

It’s obvious contributory negligence.

Here’s a way to avoid such incidents entirely.  Don’t let a minor have anything that looks even vaguely like a real gun except on a rifle range under adult supervision.

Kids shooting people happens a lot too, probably more than officers shooting people with imitation guns. 

So if an officer is in that situation what would you have him do.

Officers have to make decisions sometimes with incomplete information.  Sometimes when they react bad things happen.  Sometimes when they hesitate something bad happens that could have been stopped.

When looking at these cases to consider blame, look at who created the situation, a situation ripe for something to go wrong.

NYPD must be vastly overstaffed if they have time on their hands to even consider code five takedowns of people for selling individual cigarettes and choking someone to death.  They created that other situation.

When they get a gun call they don’t know what they’re going to see.  There might be bodies on the ground.  If it goes sideways their kids might not see them again.  They’re going to be cranked on adrenaline and their training is going to go on autopilot, if they don’t freeze.  A lot of times they can’t shoot straight because motor coordination breaks down with the adrenaline and high blood pressure.

In a situation like that it doesn’t take much.  If they see somebody aiming something gunlike they’ll just take him out.  Which is what they’re supposed to do. 

Sounds to me like not only is the court pleading normal, but appropriate.

I absolutely despise the new litigation tactic of organizing “protests” to try to force legitimate defences off the table and pretend they are some novelty that has never been seen before.  It’s reprehensible. 


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