Matt Yglesias: American Democracy Is Doomed

Matt Yglesias: American Democracy Is Doomed –

Shouldn’t that be the past tense?

The collapse has already happened. 

Almost all the politicians represent special interests diametrically opposed to the constituents that elected them, passing laws that in any other context would be considered criminal fraud.

There is only an illusion of two political parties and the Democrat leadership is way to the right of Reagan or Nixon.

Democracy in the US is in ICU with no neural activity and a ventilator going through the motions of giving an appearance of life and futile hope.

It’s like a dead tree waiting to blow over, and there are people looking at how to do that.

Militarization of the police, domestic storing of a lot of tanks the army hasn’t asked for and doesn’t want, dry runs in Egypt and Ukraine to see if media campaigns to depict those violently overthrowing the lawfully elected government can be portrayed as heroes and those defending the lawful government or seeking to reinstate it can be depicted as terrorists (that was entirely successful), an enormous police state surveillance apparatus created for no obvious legitimate purpose and no connection at all to it’s alleged purpose…

The stage is set, we’re in the endgame now. 

This isn’t something that’s about to start, it’s a long project nearing completion.

Since the start of Reagan’s presidency, it’s all downhill.  Regardless of who gets elected the same bad ideas that are against the interests of the electorate get advanced.


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