What on earth is the Monique Alexander hero worship about

“Woman Sentenced To 20 Years For Firing Warning Shot Speaks Out” – http://huff.to/1KjPP35

The only jury to hear the case rejected her evidence, so why is it we only hear the story of the abuser.

A man that did what she did would be in prison for 20 years and she should be in prison for 20 years.

She re-entered her ex’s home without his permission, after getting a gun and coming back, and fired a shot at him and his kids.  She was the threat.  The idea that she reentered his home and confronted him there because he wasn’t pursuing her outside, because she was afraid for her life, doesn’t make any sense.

The jury accepted the husband and children’s version and they were right to.

Another Zimmerman powderkeg out on the street because justice was not served.

Another black man victimized and vilified by stereotypes that have nothing to do with his situation.


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