Charles Koch, Liberal Crusader?

Charles Koch, Liberal Crusader? –

Why not, life is complicated and the simplistic left-right traditional politics of capital is only one axis out of a great many, and not the most important one.

The most important axis is liberal versus authoritarian.

That has to be contextual.  We are usually more tolerant of authoritarianism in our native cultures.

The common attitude is that if our culture made an advance after hundreds of years that every other culture should make the same transition within two weeks or be declared barbarians.  That isn’t liberalism, it’s another form of authoritarianism.

The liberal attitude is about respect and understanding.  It’s not a specific set of rules turned into a new form of straightjacket.

As for domestic authoritarianism, the US is the land of the witch hunt, it never got the Salem witch trial spirit out of it’s system.

That isn’t just for blacks and criminal justice, look at what’s happening with Jennings and O’Reilly.  Nobody just makes a mistake, the public cry for blood and will bend over backwards to interpret every imperfection as proof of wickedness and iniquity.

It’s also the land of lynching, while less overt, look to Hollywood to see how justice is depicted.  For every screen crime resolved through ethically followed due process, at least ten are avenged in a vigilante hail of bullets.  Due process is usually depicted as bumbling, inept and ineffective. And has Hollywood ever depicted a mediation?

When these attitudes are pandered to, it does not make the system more just, it becomes more unjust.  It does not make society safer, it makes society less safe.  Everybody from the Kochs to you and me is at risk that some kook with an agenda will twist facts and depict us monsters, and if they get like minded legislators and jurors and judges, you’re basically screwed, even if the whole thing is BS.

Liberals and libertarians need to band together and snuff out that inquisition era thinking, it doesn’t belong in a modern democracy, and the social and economic consequences are crippling.


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