Are Humans Getting More Intelligent?

Are Humans Getting More Intelligent? –

I.Q. is a very narrow band of intelligence, the ability to come up with conventional answers by conventional analysis quickly.

It doesn’t have a lot of utility outside of artificial testing environments.  Maybe the first additional 40 points or so might reflect an ability to think quickly on one’s feet but that’s a really narrow kind of intelligence.

It isn’t surprising the effect would be more in developing countries, better nutrition and medical care, and ever increasing exposure to western style education.

But IQ is all about rote learning and rote implementation, it’s got nothing to do with genius, or wisdom, or even genuine understanding.

The most important type of intelligence is the ability to see what the conventional approach to analysis is missing.  IQ can’t provide solutions to actual problems, it’s about identifying well established solutions.  There’s an irony that IQ actually can’t solve a real problem


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