Is Most Of Our DNA Garbage?

Is Most Of Our DNA Garbage? –

Sounds to me like both sides are wrong, but the “junk DNA” side is most wrong.  Science doesn’t take positions as articles of faith, that’s the domain of religion.  It is unseemly for science to have warring dogmas. 

It is hubris to assume that millions of years of natural selection resulted in a bunch of garbage, just because that will rescue somebody’s pet theory. 

It is supreme arrogance to assume that one is the apex and conclusion of an entire complex area of science and the reason that nothing further has been discovered about say the role of stretches of DNA is that there is nothing to discover, and purport without evidence other than one’s own failure to discover anything on point, to settle the issue for all scientists for all time.

Even if a point on DNA has no obvious use, because it doesn’t create anything, think of all the keys on a keyboard that don’t write anything.  Think of programs on a computer that aren’t word processing.

Also, how does a cell decide what to produce and when.

If the unsophisticated view of DNA were true, cells would just sit there doing nothing but producing proteins until they exploded.

If there is a guide for cells generally, where else could it come from?

Further, if we find that a given stretch of DNA is inactive in one sample from a given person, shouldn’t we be collecting samples of every single tissue type of that person before coming to such a conclusion?

I’d expect with cell differentiation to see some method of blocking most of the DNA from doing anything in any given cell of a type.

If your sample pool for DNA is mostly from hair follicles and cheek swabs that may provide a one sided diet of information about how DNA works.  Almost everything exotic would be shut off.  Cells from the skin don’t do a lot and they aren’t supposed to.


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