How A Traveling Consultant Helps America Hide The Homeless

How A Traveling Consultant Helps America Hide The Homeless –

Some good ideas, some bad ones, on balance a right winger telling hateful people what they want to hear.

Subsidies per se are the wrong approach because of supply and demand.  That just drives up the price for everybody.

Build cheaper housing and sell/rent at cost.

Don’t make homelessness per se the focus, because a lot of the people that need help aren’t getting it or getting away because they don’t want to be homeless, so they stay in abusive or bad situations.

Some of it has to be driven by economics, so we can help more people.  But anything outside should be at least fully covered and sheltered from winds.

I’d suggest something dorm like and relatively no frills.  Definitely don’t kick them out during the day.

Have them where appropriate doing communal cooking and other things, both to keep costs down and to learn both potential job skills and also to gradually relearn ability to cope.

Bear in mind this isn’t really about employment.  Businesses create, and more often eliminate, positions, not workers.  Business decides X number of people are going to be unemployed, it doesn’t make any sense blaming them for it, and it’s in the interests of the rest of us that the unemployed don’t compete too hard.  Again, supply and demand.  If 6% are too desperate that puts downward pressure on the wages of 99% of us while doing nothing to ease the unemployment rate.


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