Vegas ‘Black Widow’ Gets New Court Review

Vegas ‘Black Widow’ Gets New Court Review –

Cases that are just speculative should be taken away from the jury.  Judges in jury cases should be required to consider the sufficiency of the evidence in the same manner as a “no-evidence” application, before a defendant has to elect whether to call a positive defence or take the stand.

The alternative is the present system where bogus cases based entirely on spin reliably produce wrongful convictions.

In every case with insurance, there is potential “motive”, but it has no explanatory power because it has no predictive power.  Of those insured how many are bumped off by a greedy spouse, 0.0001%?

The same with the other tried and true demonization techniques, e.g. almost all relationships have minor disagreements but when the prosecution is trying for a wrongful conviction, I believe in general intentionally for career advancement, somehow that becomes compelling with the smoke an mirrors as a motive for murder although it neither explains nor predicts the event, it’s irrelevent and they have bupkis. They make the ordinary sound very ominous and keep grinding out wrongful convictions like linked sausages.

If the pop psychology advanced by most prosecutors had any merit to it, there would be maybe a dozen people left on earth, and they would be very polite.


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