Use of human shields in Syria

“Syrian Regime Ramps Up Bombings On Civilians” –

A large majority of Syrians back the government over the terrorists.

When terrorists use human shields, such as in Gaza or Aleppo, governments can’t stop shooting.  That would just create a huge incentive for all terrorists everywhere to always use human shields.

Which is why the article cited is totally irresponsible, reprehensible and is going to get a lot of civilians killed, and not just in Syria. 

The article shows terrorists that even when their tactics directly violate the Geneva Conventions, as using human shields is already recognized as a war crime, they will always get the support of the people with an aligned agenda, in this case a mixed agenda of replacing the moderate Assad with a Sunni extremist, eliminating an ally of Russia and feeding the military-industrial complex.

The media mostly go with the government line. If people commit crimes against humanity, if as in Ukraine and Egypt terrorists overthrow the lawfully elected government by force, it’s all good as long as they are on the side our western right wing nutbags want to win. 

No laws, no morals, no ethics, not even common sense will be allowed to stand in the way of one faction of loons trying to take dominion over the entire planet.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens when that agenda implodes.  It’s already crumbling, destabilization efforts in the middle east and elsewhere have mostly created a big mess. Hard to sell ubiquitous interventions as some crusade of the righteous when all you have to show for it is a big mess.  


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