Who Told The Truth? Hearing Revives Ghosts Of Satanic Abuse Trials

Who Told The Truth? Hearing Revives Ghosts Of Satanic Abuse Trials – http://huff.to/1FK1bJd

We’ve seen with O’Reilly and Jennings how even the memories of suggestable adults can become corrupted, and children are far more suggestable.

With a high pressure interrogation and leading questions kids can even become convinced of things that never happened.

A Canadian case went down the rabbit hole once due to inept questioning by police, eventually winding up with a couple dozen defendants including some of the investigating officers and several alleged victims.

In that case some of the allegations were demonstrably false so it imploded without wrongful convictions, but one stuck, the original allegation with one offender and one victim. The rest of it was really just from the fertile imagination of a cop who somehow decided there must be more. 

Then there was the “repressed memory” scandal, where adults were coerced/programmed by bad psychiatrists to make false accusations of historical abuse that they had no recollection of prior to therapy. 

Methods of coercion included ongoing forced institutionalization until they showed signs of “getting better” by “admitting” that they had been abused, and threatening to breach them on their insurance for not complying with treatment if they did not make up stories of abuse, which could result in owing tens of thousands of dollars, as well as ongoing pressure disguised as therapy.

For the advocates of repressed memory syndrome any psychiatric issue was proof of childhood sexual abuse, it was made unfalsifiable, it became in effect a cult or religion.

Along similar lines, hypnosis is dangerous for evidence.  It can be used to get more accurate true memories but in the process produces an even greater increase in false memories.  That may be in part due to the effect of asking questions of someone in a very suggestable state.


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